Empowering companies to become data-centric

Our aim

We help companies embrace the digital revolution as we believe data will transform the way our customers work.

Since our inception, we’ve been helping service providers to adapt their business model to embrace the digital revolution. How so? By harnessing the value from the huge amounts of data their technical systems is generating every second. Our customers can detect the right insight on the fly, and automate relevant decisions in no delay. Customer Base management, Location data monetization, fraud prevention… our platform delivers proven use cases, scales fast and extends easily to new applications.

Service providers have lived 6 years through uberization of their business model. You could be next and we have the experience to help.

Company Social Responsibility

Since 2015, Intersec runs an internal challenge called The Project, consisting of building an initiative competing in one of the following categories:




The teams engaged in the challenge must defend their project in front of a Jury and Intersec cofounds the winning project.
Discover our 2015 and 2016 winners!
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Executive Team

Yann Chevalier

CEO Intersec

Jean-Marc Coïc

Chief Technical Officer
Ingolf Ruh

Ingolf Ruh

Chief Revenue Officer

Gilles Riche

Chief Financial Officer

Oyo N’Doro

HR Director

Board Members

Vincent Bastien


Yann Chevalier

CEO Intersec

Jérôme Faul

Chairman - Innovacom

Renaud Poulard

Board Observer

Olivier Guillaumin

Founder and President, Fast Forward

Guillaume Dhee

Board observer